Racism is cowardice and stupidity . It prevents people from realizing what is really wrong with their lives .. It is based on biases , prejudices , stereotypes , that simplify and falsify the natural differences among humans ; to the advantage of some elite , either to defend prevailing system of oppression and hierarchy or to substitute it with new one … It is a way to escape facing real problems , and the real sources of them ; of diverting the attention of oppressed toward secondary ( even illusionary ) ones that are , at best , the results , not the causes , of misery and crises created by the prevailing system .. Fighting racism is a must to reach a just and free world .. On the other hand , thereĀ are false and dangerous answers to racism : what is called identity ‘ politics , which do exactly what racists do , but in reverse , based itself on opposite prejudices and biases , designed to keep immigrants under the control of religious scholars and priests and their allies in the ruling elites , or to put them under the control of fundamentalists , the self-claimed “true” representatives of the identity , especially its “sacred” part ; those fundamentalists who strive to replace the current oppressive system with theirs .. Previous experiences proved that the problem with authority is not the identity of the bosses , their nationality or their religion or race ; the problem is with authority itself , as a system of social , physical and intellectual control , as a system of cohesion and hierarchy .. What must be fought for , is not merely substituting one oppressive system with another , but to end oppression , now , and here .. This could be achieved only through fighting all types of oppression , slavery in every disguise ; only through relentless fight against all the weapons available for the bosses to control us , let it be racism or reverse racism ( what is called : identity politics ) or fundamentalism or any other form of dogmatism .. This what we can call anti-authoritarian , libertarian , horizontal , grassroots movement to defeat racism and fundamentalism , to fight for freedom and justice for all , for a world without borders , without prejudices , without oppression …


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Syrian anarchist

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