When Maoist “comrades” help us to define what is really the problem

Maoism , and Hoxhaism , was once a relatively significant current in the Tunisian and Moroccan left , even in the Turkish one ; during 60’s and 70’s , and played a relatively important role in opposing the ruling regimes then .. Today Maoists and Hoxhaists are only a shadow of that past .. Still present , but very weak , and much less popular among students or workers as they were once ….. Their saints : Marx , Lenin , Mao , Hoxha , etc , cannot raise the same enthusiasm as they did once when they were ruling big countries ; where the whole nation and economy and everything , were put under the service of their propaganda machine , in order to promote the virtues of these saints , and virtues of being enslaved by them .. Those times are over .. But their churches are still there , praising the same gods and idols , not better that any other deserted , outdated faith … So why talking about these poor people now ? Even that criticizing them would be justified , but it looks outdated , concerning only with the last few militants who still label themselves as Maoists , or so .. In fact , these people are still “serving” the cause of emancipation of the masses , in their “own” , very “special” way .. Of course , it become clear after the fall of soviet union , and the adoption of private capitalism in China , and the horrible events in Kampuchea and North Korea , that all the alleged self-proclaimed virtues of Marxism , in all its disguises and interpretations , had fallen down , that their master’ prophecies failed to the exam of time ; and most importantly : that Marx was only occupied , from the very beginning , of creating his own church , and his own hegemony in workers’ movement , then his own dictatorship : the dictatorship over the proletariat .. In this way , Marxists “helped” people to realize that authoritarian ways of “emancipation” are just false ways , that lead only to re-establish oppression and exploitation .. What Marx worshiped was the same god of the bourgeoisie : the economy or production forces .. If he breached that we were heading towards a more just and free world , that was not because he liked or wanted freedom or justice , it was because that was the will of his god , freedom or justice were just secondary things , by-products of his god’s will .. And because he didn’t breach freedom or justice , he invented , or helped in inventing , the concept of “progressiveness” to better describe his real intentions and project .. As he was very faithful to his god , he justified all the atrocities perpetrated by the rising bourgeoisie in North America and and Slavic countries , and everywhere ; as simple necessary price for progress and development .. Thus we could also understand the atrocities done by his disciplines in Russia , China , and other “socialist” countries .. They were justified sacrifices for their god , for progress … Anyhow , this story is almost over , most Marxist churches now are totally deserted , no one came to worship their saints or read their gospel , their old miracles are outdated , don’t inspire anymore .. Their time is over .. So , now let’s proceed to our point of all this , after we can be sure that there is nothing could be really gained from criticizing their theological approach or interpretations of their master’s gospel , aside of making sure that authoritarian means would lead to oppression only .. Their last “service” for the cause is how nicely they helped people , the oppressed , activists , freedom lovers , dreamers , etc , to define the real problem or challenge they face .. On the website of the revolutionary communist party in United States , there is an article about leadership and revolutionary movement .. This party , that is built on cult of the personality of Atabekian , his chairman ; starts by asking the “common” or “common sense” questions : why revolutionary people do need leaders ? if they are not supermen , if they do mistakes , and could be sold out or eliminated , etc ; why to treat them as gods , and why communists , who believe in collectivity , need individual leaders ? Aren’t they going to stifle initiative and participation in decision – making and other activities of the “party members” ? That looks really bold , it means that RCP-USA think they really have the answer , a convincing one ; despite the fact that they have to act nowadays without their most decisive prof : Beria’s secret police and mass concentration camps .. After they judge those who usually ask such questions ( 1 ) as middle class intellectuals ( Let’s remember here : for a Marxist , being proletarian doesn’t mean working in a factory , or selling your labor , but not asking such questions , as ordinary worker will have only simple “economic” , pre-political consciousness according to Lenin ; for a Marxist , the true proletarian is the one who believes in Marxism , as the self-proclaimed ideology of proletariat : so Stalin , even he didn’t do any manual work for decades , even when he lived in Czar’ palaces and enjoyed their luxurious life , he was still very proletarian , more than those who worked with their hands , as these “simple” workers could be deceived by the “enemy” to betray their workers’ country or party or leader , without the continuous surveillance of Chekas ) ; anyhow , RCP-USA proceed to add : as the masses cannot do without leadership , without orders , without order-givers , that they still need revolutionary leaders , so let it be their Pope , chairman Atabekian , here is the whole point , presented in the best possible way : How to organize life , production , consumption , etc ; without bosses , without hierarchy , without division between those who give orders and those who have to obey them .. Tackling this problem is the core of the whole issue of human emancipation .. Thanks Pope – Atabekian , no one could ever make it so clear : how we could be free at last ……

( 1 ) In Islam , “good” Muslims are prohibited from asking such “difficult” question that could end in skepticism , like who created god , how does he look like , why he created misery , poverty or suffering .. The real answer that most religions give to such questions is that they don’t know , that the mighty caring merciful god created all these sufferings for a very wise reason , for sure ; but which was kept very secretly from all humans , including all know-everything saints and prophets


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