Song and tear Gas , from Beirut : Naser Deen Al Tuffar

From a marginalized region came this Rab singer , from a poor village in eastern Lebanon where people are forced by want either to join Hezbollah or the Lebanese army or facing humiliation for the whole of their life .. This man chose a different option : to say NO , to sing it in their faces …..

Here , Naser sang , danced , with others like him , in the center of Beirut , which became theirs , even for one night ..

Naser Deen Al Tuffar and Al Ras ‘ song title : we and the garbage are neighbors

translation of song’ lyrics :

They suffocate you , make you starve , destroy you , so stand up … they humiliated you beaten you , marginalized you , tied you , so stand up , this is a blood tax not a tax of the government ….. the reputation is yours , but the real actors are those who are from above , and those who are above you , ordered you , to leave the borders and follow us in Beirut … you are their salve , you don’t really owe even your breathing , they might order you to kill your brother , so they could earn millions , steal millions , the daughter of the MP needs drugs , and officer’son needs heroin , the wall to the wall , garbage is everywhere , and down there are minds stopped but of thinking of the monthly salary , you don’t owe your suit , your weapon , but tell me my cousin , your life isn’t yours … whom life will be lost , those who use your blood , those who never got injured … For you : it is : Obey then object … You are beaten with bottles .. when a solider dies the suit of his officer becomes brighter … who is in front of you , or behind you .. you came from poverty , is it a Molotov or a “pacifist” revolutionary .. Tear gas canister , either I throw it away or find another solution for it … Know with whom you are talking , we will smoke , your voice will always be very weak , even if you speak loudly .. we will perform urine analysis 1 , but they are the ones who actually urinate in their pants … I am the original , I don’t hide my identity , like your informers …. We are happy , and enjoying her , feeling cool because of your water cannon , as we don’t have water in our houses , solideer 2 doesn’t smell stint , there is no garbage in Solideer , solideer is the garbage , and the head cover of imams is not for god , if it belongs to others , those who “liberate” 3 the land enslave the people now ….. let them go to the hell , they will not divide humans , neither Saudi Arabia nor Iran , we and the garbage neighbors …

1 Urine analysis was imposed by the authorities on arrested protesters

2 Solideer : the company that own the center of Beirut , consist of most ruling elite ‘ members

3 Those who “liberate” the land : Hezbollah who claims responsibility for expelling Israelis from southern Lebanon in  2000

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