About Putin’s move into Syria

Local elites in the middle east are busy these days , like their western and “international” counterparts ; talking about Putin’s decision to intervene directly in Syria .. In fact , this is how they “understand” and practice politics : to fight their regional opponents for regional hegemony , backed by an international camp against another .. It is clear that Putin’s decision escalated the ongoing conflict between local and international competing camps , in the middle east and especially in Syria .. Iran , and of course Assad , Hezbollah and Iraqi government welcomed the Russian intervention , claiming that it will help to contain “terrorism” , even defeat it .. On the other side , Iranian regime rivals : Erdogan , Gulf states’ kings and princes , condemned the Russian attacks ; and vowed to turn them down .. Some threatened Russia with a similar defeat like they had in Afghanistan before .. In the west it inspired different reactions : some felt furious about the Russian initiative , others felt indifferent .. Soon , religious leaders joined the show : Russian Orthodox church spokesman described this war as a “holy” one . He was followed by the spokesman of Syrian Muslim brotherhood , who declared Jihad from his residence in Istanbul asking the Syrians to fight the aggressors with all possible means .. Some Saudi scholars followed him very soon …. Also , “politicians” and “intellectuals” engaged willingly in the conflict : waging another war on the pages of newspapers and websites , a war that doesn’t shed real blood , but that kills any sign or feeling of human solidarity and natural sympathy among ordinary people , the real victims of all these stupid conflicts .. Libertarians face a dilemma here : a situation where authoritarian forces are fighting each other for the sole purpose of hegemony over the masses … Assad or ISIS , both are ultra-totalitarian powers , almost fascist in the structure of their demagogue or repression …. Their backers : either Iran’s mullahs or their rivals in Saudi Arabia , Turkey and Qatar ; are reactionary despotic rulers .. Whom to support in such conflict ? Of course , this is never a problem for authoritarians : they will follow what they see as their path to power ; claiming that it represents the “actual interests” of the nation or the people , or the Umma , or the class , etc .. Being authoritarian is always easier , a straightforward job …

It was the same situation in the cold war , two authoritarian powers fought for world-wide hegemony , each claiming that it was fighting for “real freedom” ..

And when you are the “good” guy , fighting the “evil” ones ; you do “good” things only , even when you kill and destroy or repress

In this way : Gulag repression system , Moscow show trials , McCarthy witch-hunting , etc ; could be justified

Till now hundreds of thousands of ordinary Syrians died , millions displaced , but still we can hear only two approaches to their sufferings : either simply accusing the enemy of all these atrocities and denying any atrocities committed by “our friends” or talking about it as inevitable collateral damage … US airstrikes kill innocent civilians , like Russian ones .. Assad bombs or ISIS’ suicide bombers kill indiscriminately also .. Since the Syrian revolution degenerated into a civil war , when the revolting masses or its co-ordinating committees and its local decentralized militias firstly known as free Syrian army were substituted by warlords-led semi-regular groups backed by regional despots ; Syrian revolutionaries became in a very difficult situation : cannot accept the victory of the dictator , at the same time they knew very well that his defeat doesn’t mean liberating the masses from dictatorship but substituting a dictator with another ..

What was left of the free Syrian army , the decentralized local militias that started fighting back the military might of Assad’s army paving the way for its weakening and the rise of jihadists ; degenerated into warlord-led gangs that follow their backers ‘ orders ( who are ususally , rich neighbor deposts ) and seek hegemony and wealth even at the account of the same neighborhoods they claim to defend

And with the deteriorating situation of the living of Syrian masses , which was the effect of all those authoritarian powers’ intervention ; their strength and willingness to fight for their own rapidly declined and almost disappeared , as they are struggling now for mere survival .. What a situation for a revolutionary , and of course ; for the masses ?

So as the early high hopes of emancipation slummed , we must be frank with ourselves and with the people and start new building up for future struggles

Neither fighting for Assad or ISIS or other warlord means fighting for ourselves

Neither Iran – led camp or Saudi led one deserve dying for it

Also , we don’t have any illusions also about any possible “peace” agreement …. That would be a new status quo , a new repression , a new dictatorship , which bargain simple safety for submission , as all do now with ordinary Syrians

Instead of sectarianism , that proved to be a strong ; even decisive weapon , in the hands of the dictator or his opposing elite ; we will seek a new liberation movement , not only multi-sectarian as liberals breach , but anti-sectarian ; not merely secular , but standing for libertarian secularism , as opposed , not only to Islamist fundamentalism , but also to “authoritarian” secularism of some well-known dictators , like Ataturk , Nasser , Assad , etc

We won’t take sides , or ask the masses to do so

To take sides means only to justify murder , repression , and authority

We seek freedom , justice , decent life , for all .. Neither authoritarian camp offer any of these to the masses .. They only offer their hegemony .. we oppose all of them , we condemn all of them , hold them all responsible for the critical situation of the Syrian masses today


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2 thoughts on “About Putin’s move into Syria”

  1. i enjoy your posts i find on a-infos- i’m on wordpress too but my posts get lost to who knows where- i’d like to be on ANARKISTAN “recent posts” but get no help from admin. to be there- CAN U HELP ME GET ONTO ANARKISTAN “RECENT POSTS”?- these are 2 i posted: 1 explains Neither East Nor West-NYC in “Statement For Rojava”– the other we are helping to distribute, on wordpress too, but i have no idea how it can be accessible to the kurds it’s meant for, bob mcglynn, bobnenwogb@aol.com, 914-793-8315 — i can CALL u for only 14 cents a minute if u have a phone- i HATE email!
    do u know estella’s “kudrdish weekly news briefing”? i try to put your stuff on it- please, u can do it directly: estella24@tiscali.co.uk

    mazenkamalmaz– the following got published all over and was a hit–

    August 2015


    We in Neither East Nor West-New York City (NENW-NYC) support the struggle of the truly freedom-fighting Kurdish and allied forces in Rojava.
    We view this as a continuation of our work in the 1980’s and early ’90’s, when we networked for mutual solidarity between anti-nuclear and anti-militarist etc. activists on the East and West sides of the Cold War divide.
    That was the main world issue in those days.
    We also supported Nigerian freedom-fighting anarchists (anarchists meaning those who believe in an extreme amount of freedom, equality, direct governance in political/economic/and all matters, economic democracy such as cooperatives that are run by the workers/community themselves and coordinate amongst each other, and ecological concern for instance), Cuban ecologists, and freedom-fighting people in China and Hong Kong (the term “dissidents” was/is often used for state-Communist freedom-fighters).
    We intersected with Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW, ’67 until now) who were for the first time in U.S. history, a radical veterans group who opposed the war they fought in, while it was still in progress, and supported the “Enemy”! In the Vietnamese fight for independence from the U.S. during the 1960’s to 1970’s. VVAW had tens of thousands of members and were very important. They wanted to work with our peace contacts in the East and Soviet veterans. (One of our members is an “Honorary” VVAW member. THIS ISN’T AN OFFICIAL STATEMENT BY VVAW ONLY SOME OF OUR HISTORY WITH VVAW).
    We and others across the world have many examples of how we helped each other.
    In just one instance we and allied groups from around the world held pickets at Nigerian Embassies or Consulates to demand the release of four members of the Nigerian anarchist Awareness League we had an alliance with. They were political prisoners held under an emergency decree- all were released after our demonstrations.
    We had chapters across the US, as well as in Toronto, Canada, and Mexico City, and published the journal On Gogol Boulevard (named after Moscow’s radical youth/artists/freedom-fighters avenue) to network like-minded struggles around the world.
    Since the end of the Cold War, our group has mostly existed in name, but we have again come together to raise our voice in support of the revolutionary struggle in Rojava.
    We reject dogmatism; we are made up of different currents, but we all share an anti-authoritarian/freedom-fighting, humanist spirit, believe in equality for women, lesbians and gays, etc., and always have had a natural consensus on the issues that motivate us. The fight in Rojava has inspired us, and we are ready to assist in what small ways we can from New York City.
    To all the humanitarians, democracy-lovers, anarchists, those who fight for equality for women, lesbians, gays, minorities etc., those who seek a third path outside of capitalism and state-Communism, to your militia (we are always against forced conscription) and collectives, we offer our heartfelt wishes for

    NENW-NYC, August 2015
    Signatures so far from our old group (and David Christian who was associated with us) /8-31: Bob McGlynn, Ann Marie Hendrickson, Alexander Rubchenko (an exile from the anti-nuclear Moscow Trust Group), Tom Maurer, Neil Farber (also from the New York/New Jersey Chapter of the Workers Solidarity Alliance [NY/NJ Chapter of WSA]), Mike Harris (also of NY/NJ Chapter of WSA), Bill Weinberg (also of World War 4 Report), Ivo Skoric (exiled from Croatia, also of BalkanPage), David Christian (Atlanta, Georgia, WSA), Lucie C. McAllister,
    (We may get more signatures from old or associated members, things are moving fast. Half of us are woman that we haven’t found. All were active in stopping oppression in the West/3rd World/4th World [Indigenous, “tribal peoples”, nomads etc.] but also against the state-Communist countries too for over 35 years. The many, many, [including exiles or visitors from state-Communist nations] that were in NENW-NYC, [or predecessor groups] are long gone and impossible to find after all this time).
    (Email bobnenwogb@aol.com for the full Statement that is longer and gives examples of how we did concrete things to support each other East, West, and Nigeria.)

    our 2nd 1, we designed the 1st part to make it more understandable/palatable to anarchists—


    Though this isnt’t anarchist specific, anarchists have signed plus other fine people and groups such as Murray Bookchin’s partner and noted author/activist Janet Beilh, or Neither East Nor West-NYC (NENW-NYC) members, who are anarchist/anarchistic and anti-authoritarian activists.


    “Now is the time for the world to recognize that democratic autonomy in Rojava and the ‘Rojava Model’ promises a free future for all peoples in Syria.”

    NENW-NYC has been asked to get in on the ground floor and help spread this.
    For NENW-NYC: Bob McGlynn: bobnenwogb@aol.com

    Follow the model of how those below signed and send it to estella24@tiscali.co.uk , and put in the subject line and text as “signer for nov. 1”–


    Global Rally for the freedom and reconstruction of Kobane
    Date for Global Rally: 1 November 2015

    The determined resistance of the Kurdish men and women in this strategic border region of Rojava (Western Kurdistan in Syria) inspired people and governments all over the world when they successfully repelled the siege of their city Kobane by the Islamic State (ISIS) just over a year ago. Their fight became a symbol of popular resistance to the merciless violence and horrendous atrocities committed by ISIS.

    In response, on 1 November 2014 an urgent international call for a global day of action for Kobane and for Humanity was launched appealing to people all over the world to show solidarity with Kobane and for humanitarian and material assistance.

    Hundreds of individuals and organisations representing thousands of members from across the world signed this call including prominent individuals like Professor Noam Chomsky and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who have both been long-time supporters of the Kurdish struggle for self-determination, as well as Nobel Peace Prize Laureates like Adolfo Erez Esquivel, and Jose Ramos-Horta, former President of East Timor and Nora Cortinas, cofounder of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo in Argentina and Palestinian singer Reem Kelani.

    But while there is no official support the logistics of sending aid to Kobane has been fraught with insuperable difficulties and the people of Kobane have continued to suffer with many families fleeing to a place of greater safety. That is why it is even more urgent now to set up a humanitarian corridor from Turkey to Kobane to facilitate aid to flow through to reach the city, which is still facing ISIS assaults.

    Pressure therefore needs to be brought on the government of the AKP in Ankara to take immediate action to let essential medical supplies, food and clothing, to pass through to Kobane.

    Despite the relentless onslaught of ISIS forces over the past months, Kobane is still standing proud and free. The people are still putting up fierce resistance and are determined to defend their self-governing administration which is one of three cantons in the Democratic Autonomous Administration of Rojava (Western Kurdistan, Syria) who are secular, democratic, non-sectarian and pro-gender equality.

    The tragic truth is that the death of the young Kurdish boy, Alan Kurdi, whose body washed up on the shore of Bodrum and shocked the world, need never have happened if the people of Kobane had received proper assistance from the international agencies a year ago.

    Now is the time to aid Kobane and by so doing show solidarity with the forces who are struggling for a free, democratic and peaceful Syria.

    Now is the time for the world to recognize that democratic autonomy in Rojava and the “Rojava Model” promises a free future for all peoples in Syria.

    It is time to talk peace and to act for peace. Supporting Kobane is to support peace.

    We encourage people all over the world to show their solidarity with Kobanê.
    Go to the streets and demonstrate on 1 November 2015.

    We urge you to join the Global Rally for Kobanê
    Support the Resistance against ISIS – for Kobanê – for Humanity!
    It is time to talk peace and to act for peace. Supporting Kobane is to support peace.

    We encourage people all over the world to show their solidarity with Kobanê.

    Go to the streets and demonstrate on 1 November 2015.

    We urge you to join the Global Rally for Kobanê
    Support the Resistance against ISIS – for Kobanê – for Humanity!

    FIRST SIGNATORIES: Prof Kariane WESTRHEIM, EU Turkey Civic Commission (EUTCC)-Norway; Prof Michael GUNTER, EU Turkey Civic Commission (EUTCC)-US; PEACE IN KURDISTAN CAMPAIGN-UK; Noam CHOMSKY-US; John BERGER, novelist, art critic, Booker Prize winner-France; Mark THOMAS, Author/comedian and activist-UK; Jeremy HARDY, comedian-UK; Baroness Helena KENNEDY-UK; Mike MANSFIELD QC, President of Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers-UK; LORD AVEBURY, House of Lords-UK; Bruce KENT, Vice-President, Pax Christi-UK; Baroness Glenys KINNOCK-UK; Baroness Jenny JONES, House of Lords-UK; Baroness Jenny TONGE, House of Lords–UK; Derek WALL, International Co-ordinator of the Green Party-UK; Dr Dafydd IWAN, Past President Plaid Cymru Party of Wales-UK; David GRAEBER, Prof of Anthropology at London School of Economics and author-UK;Dr Radha D’SOUZA, author and social justice activist-UK; Margaret OWEN OBE, human rights lawyer and Director of Widows for Peace through Democracy-UK; Janet BIEHL, author and translator-US; Penny GREEN, Professor of Law and Globalisation , Director, International State Crime Initiative, Queen Mary University of London-UK; ROJAVA SOLIDARITY LONDON group-UK; Houzan MAHMOUD, Kurdish feminist-UK; Melanie GINGELL barrister, Doughty Street Chambers-UK; Dr Thomas Jeffrey MILEY, Lecturer in Political Sociology , Cambridge University; Dr Johanna RIHA, Epidemiologist; Prof Bill BOWRING, Birkbeck College, School of Law, University of London-UK; Mary DAVIS,Visiting Professor of Labour History at Royal Holloway University London-UK; Nick HILDYARD, policy adviser-UK; Stephen SMELLIE, UNISON Lanarkshire, Scotland; Jonathan BLOCH, author-UK; Robert ATKINS-solicitor-UK; Les LEVIDOW, Campaign Against Criminalising Communities (CAMPACC)-UK; Saleh MAMON, CAMPACC-UK; Joe RYAN, Chair, Westminster Diocese for Justice and Peace-UK; Eric DRAITSER, Founder, Editor -StopImperialism.org-US; Dr Felix PADEL Visiting Professor, JNU, Delhi-India.

    Signed by

    For information contact
    Kobanê Reconstruction Board
    Rue Jourdan 48, 1060 Brussels – BELGIUM
    reconstructkobane@gmail.com <mailto:reconstructkobane@gmail.com >
    http://www.helpkobane.com <http://www.helpkobane.com > +32.485.103914
    Kobane Reconstruction Board @ava_kobane

    EU Turkey Civic Commission (EUTCC)
    Kariane Westrheim, Chairperson
    Email: Kariane.westrheim@gmail.com
    Mobile: + 47 976 42 088

    UK: Peace in Kurdistan Campaign and Kurdish People’s Assembly
    Peace in Kurdistan Campaign for a political solution of the Kurdish Question
    Email: estella24@tiscali.co.ukhttp://peaceinkurdistancampaign.com
    Estella Schmid 020 7586 5892 & Melanie Sirinathsingh – Tel: 020 7272 7890


  2. Hi camrades! Im anarchist and international YPG fighter. I want to share some impressions with you, our possition (me and other carmrades involved in the fight here) are not a idealistic support of kurdish, we was from years ago in relation with camrades from Syria and our view is more about a support of the struggles in Middle East.
    So, we can contact and talk


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